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Sailing Therapy 
Counseling and Coaching Opportunities in Spokane 360-628-3670


The s/v Spritwind will be involved in a special cruises with workshops in movement,dance and music.


  • Sailingtherapy is an innovative resource for you in a time of change.   With counseling space dockside or in our Salish seaways, professional sailing and licensed clinical counseling modalities are now available in the Spokane area.  These unique services to support positive change are provided by Captain Mark Provo,  Washington State Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.  
  • Counseling and coaching is a powerful tool when change presents itself.   Sometimes the work one does that has been fulfilling and engaging, gainful and respected can morph into an unrecognizable pursuit or  job loss.   Or our relationship to ourselves and others can be impacted by the changing times we are experiencing against the backdrop of our personal histories.  With the counseling/coaching relationship you can learn to refocus on life goals, manage emotions, clarify values and take daily steps of reinvention.
  • You are invited to contact me regarding your area of interest. We can discuss sailing and how the counseling process works. At that time we can discuss fees which vary on services, sailing excursions and counseling sessions.

Mark has been a State of Washington licensed therapist since 1992 and provides contextual clinical therapy using mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy in a marine environment or traditional  sessions.  

Mark is also credentialed as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and is specialized in workplace transitions and healthful, rewarding strategies for return to meaningful work.   Counseling interventions are based on a thorough evaluation and mutually agreed on course of work to meet treatment goals.  Although experienced in crisis mental health interventions and clinical work, Mark values the counseling relationship as a powerful tool for individual change and personal development.   If you seek an ally in managing change and maximizing your potential, contact Mark to discuss his practice model and counseling options.  Mark believes the experience of sailing on the Salish Seas is intrinsically rewarding and restores perspective.

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